Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask
Pure Sol. Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Mask Covering
pure sol. mulberry silk sleep mask

Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask

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Have yourself a sweet little sleep with our 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask!  

When it comes to finishing off your evening beauty routine, our silk sleep mask is a beauty MUST! It's soft and gentle texture reduces creasing and wrinkles around the eyes while locking in that much-needed moisture.  Rest like you never have before!

Improves Sleep.

Prevents Fine Lines.

Gentle on Skin.  


Caring for your mulberry silk sleep mask: wash in cold water, do not bleach, air dry and lay flat to dry.  

Customer Reviews

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Roxana Camacho
Excellent sleep mask that is so soft and very easy to sleep with

Excellent sleep mask that is so soft and very easy to sleep with. It is a great investment to me and my eyes, because I sometimes sleep with my eyes open and therefore my eyes get dry. This mask is helping me tremendously with controlling my issue with dryness with my eyes.

Caitya Shakespeare
I have never slept so good!

I bought one for myself and several as gifts for friends and family. They are great quality and so soft on your skin.